Centre for Spiritual and Transpersonal Studies

CSTS is a centre for facilitating holistic transformation. It provides a map of relationship between body, mind and soul creating an experience of 'whole' human being. The aim is to join the lower self with the higher by integrating body and mind so that soul nature can manifest itself.

Centre for Spiritual and Transpersonal Studies (CSTS) while informed by the world spiritual traditions, differs from the existing transpersonal psychology. The approach of scientists today is to observe others and not the self within. The original transpersonal formula is to discover the Self through self research. Sensing the existence of a divine energy is the experience. What does it matter if we think of the Tao – Self – Allah – Atma or Christ when the crucial similarity is the experience of the present moment.

Transpersonal is a path of wisdom and of Love which is unconditional and not of intellectual knowledge. Love that we know is worldly, it is objective. It is addressed. We need a beloved. Because people miss love, other things are needed. Need is absence of love. Divine love is unaddressed. It is subjective; it is a feeling of grace and of our essence.

The absence of love is the source of all diseases: without love chaos will always ensue. Love is the only unitary force because it dissolves every duality. Only Through love we can realise the Truth and its tremendous beauty. The greatest method to transform oneself is hidden in love; there is no need to do anything else if one can love.

We have an exciting programme of workshops, seminars, Group work and retreats coming this year designed for Coaches, Counsellors, HR Professionals, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers.

"There is no other way to know, Unless you walk on it."

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New course (Introduction to Transpersonal & Spiritual Development) starting in 2014.